Hidden Gem: Nadia Morgenthaler, Jeweller

Every Monday The Carat Soup shines a spotlight on Hidden Gems: extraordinary women in our industry.  This week’s focus is on  Nadia Morgenthaler. A Geneva-based contemporary jeweller. Who, after 25 years of honing her skills with international jewellers, set off on her own endeavour as of 2013. Creating magnificent fine jewellery at Nadia Morgenthaler FineContinue reading “Hidden Gem: Nadia Morgenthaler, Jeweller”

The Carat Soup at #ijl2018 (day 3)

What a whirlwind 3 days! How is it day 3 already?!? I’m a tired yet happy soul, as I type this. When strong women are surrounded by other strong women, magic happens. Et voila…! I’ve interviewed (what feels like) a bajillion awesome women. Had catch ups with old industry chums and made new ones. MadeContinue reading “The Carat Soup at #ijl2018 (day 3)”

Hidden Gems: Leo Eberlin

Every Monday The Carat Soup shines a spotlight on hidden gems: extraordinary women in our industry. This week my focus is on Leo Eberlin @leomathild Leo Mathild is the brainchild of Leo Eberlin. An investment consultant turned jeweller. The brand is a force in the modern jewellery space. Designed with the client in mind, the pieces areContinue reading “Hidden Gems: Leo Eberlin”