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Mining Report: Investing in Zambia Mining Conference 2018

Today, Tuesday 10 July 2018, the who's who of the Zambian Mining industry gathered in Central London, for a conference. Dedicated to showcasing investment opportunities in the country in Southern Africa. From copper to cobalt, coloured gemstones to electric vehicles - it was a jam packed morning.   <<Click here>> to hear more about my… Continue reading Mining Report: Investing in Zambia Mining Conference 2018

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The Carat Soup: Podcast

Drum roll please... drrrrrrrrrr I'll be coming to you live - or rather unedited - from my awesome studio (and on the open road, at trade shows). It's been a long time coming and NOW is the time. Launching June 21, 2018. Read <<more and listen here>>. Thrilled to share with you, The Carat Soup… Continue reading The Carat Soup: Podcast

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Hidden Gems: Rosey Perkins

Every Monday, The Carat Soup shines a spotlight on Hidden Gems: extraordinary women in our industry. Today the focus is on Rosey Perkins¬†¬†@roseyperkins What you need to know about Rosey and her role: Rosey is a field gemologist and film maker. She travels extensively across the world, on many gem adventures. Previously, along with another… Continue reading Hidden Gems: Rosey Perkins