Lesedi La Rona…with a Sprinkling of Graff Magic.

  Graff is to diamonds, what the Sun is to the Earth. Without it, there's not much to talk about. Much like this diamond extraordinaire. It is difficult to have a discussion about diamonds without Graff coming up in conversation. Last year, the British jeweller with international presence, purchased the 2nd largest gem-quality diamond in … Continue reading Lesedi La Rona…with a Sprinkling of Graff Magic.

Trailblazer Tuesday: Stella McCartney

Stella was aware of sustainability before it was the thing du jour, from the inception of the brand. The focus has always been promoting sustainable practices, minimising animal cruelty and maintaining an air of chicness. Here, I've teamed my Adidas x Stella McCartney tee with a scoop-neck white top and diamonds. The latter can be … Continue reading Trailblazer Tuesday: Stella McCartney

Trailblazer Tuesday: Stay Wild Swim

Sustainable, eco-conscious, plastic pollution prevention, design-led and women-owned? Where do I sign! Introducing Stay Wild Swim. The embodiment of sustainable and ethical luxury. A start up with a long term and phenomenal ethos. Established in London by Natalie and Zanna, launched in 2018. You can look at more of who they are and what they're … Continue reading Trailblazer Tuesday: Stay Wild Swim