Lesedi La Rona…with a Sprinkling of Graff Magic.

  Graff is to diamonds, what the Sun is to the Earth. Without it, there’s not much to talk about. Much like this diamond extraordinaire. It is difficult to have a discussion about diamonds without Graff coming up in conversation. Last year, the British jeweller with international presence, purchased the 2nd largest gem-quality diamond in the world. Last week, Graff revealed some of the extraordinary … Continue reading Lesedi La Rona…with a Sprinkling of Graff Magic.

That Hübner Tiara

Hübner has been an Austrian household name, since its inception in 1914. Capturing the attention of nobility and trade alike, in the world of fine watches and jewellery. Their 100+ year history reads like an old Hollywood script. From unexpected raids in WWII to a catastrophic fire in 1959. Such a colourful past is inevitable for a company that has been around for more than … Continue reading That Hübner Tiara

Sustainable SWaps: Stephen Webster’s Last Straw

I remember the bitter, soggy and crumbling feeling of a bio-degradable straw. Picture this: meeting with old friends, just ordered favourite drink, it turns up with a few bits floating beside the ice cubes. Not quite appealing. How can I be eco-friendly, chic and not have to freak out about ingesting paper? Enter Stephen Webster’s Last Straw. A percentage of the proceeds from sales are … Continue reading Sustainable SWaps: Stephen Webster’s Last Straw