Is a fine watch the new engagement ring?

"Well, I'm very old fashioned... a woman should be spoiled. Ask Marilyn, Audrey and Elizabeth (Taylor) to name but a few..." That was the answer from one of my regular readers who believes in the traditional idea of a one-sided exchange of jewels for an engagement. So a proposal tends to involve a few key … Continue reading Is a fine watch the new engagement ring?

The Carat Soup: Podcast

Drum roll please... *drrrrrrrrrr* I'll be coming to you live from my awesome studio (and on the open road, at trade shows). It's been a long time coming and NOW is the time. Launching June 21, 2018. Read more and listen here.   Thrilled to share with you, The Carat Soup podcast. Available on Soundcloud. … Continue reading The Carat Soup: Podcast