Is a fine watch the new engagement ring?

“Well, I’m very old fashioned… a woman should be spoiled. Ask Marilyn, Audrey and Elizabeth (Taylor) to name but a few…” That was the answer from one of my regular readers who believes in the traditional idea of a one-sided exchange of jewels for an engagement. So a proposal tends to involve a few key ingredients: + a ring (usually diamond ring or ring with … Continue reading Is a fine watch the new engagement ring?

The Carat Soup: Podcast

Drum roll please… *drrrrrrrrrr* I’ll be coming to you live from my awesome studio (and on the open road, at trade shows). It’s been a long time coming and NOW is the time. Launching June 21, 2018. Read more and listen here.   Thrilled to share with you, The Carat Soup podcast. Available on Soundcloud.   It’ll pretty much be the blog, yet in audio. … Continue reading The Carat Soup: Podcast