Hidden Gems: Jessica Wyndham, Head of Jewellery, Asia (Sotheby’s)

Jessica Wyndham is the Head of Jewellery, Asia for Sotheby’s. She was promoted to this role earlier this year, as reported by Forbes in March. Having been at the auction house since 2010, Wyndham has made exponential leaps every year since she started there. As I mentioned in a previous article, she’s truly an inspiration. Jessica was on the podium during the record-breaking week of … Continue reading Hidden Gems: Jessica Wyndham, Head of Jewellery, Asia (Sotheby’s)

#BringBackTheBrooch – yellow diamond ribbon brooch

On Wednesday 14th November in Geneva, Sotheby’s sold this brooch for CHF 2,115,000 (CHF 1 = approx USD$0.95-1.00). This was part of the white-glove sale (all lots sold). Bursting with edge-of-my-seat lots and tense ‘gavel down’ moments aplenty. The popularity of brooches throughout this auction season comes as no surprise, as there’s been a social media campaign for the passed few years. Calling for a … Continue reading #BringBackTheBrooch – yellow diamond ribbon brooch