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Hidden Gem: Sonia Esther Soltani, Editor in Chief @Rapaport

Every Monday The Carat Soup shines a spotlight on Hidden Gems: extraordinary women in our industry. This week’s focus is on Sonia Esther Soltani, the EiC @Rapaport (link) and country ambassador @womensjewellerynetwork (link).

*SOLTANI is Editor of leading trade title, Rapaport. A graduate of City University, London, with a degree in Magazine Journalism, Sonia began her career as a reporter at UBM’s award-winning weekly trade magazines Property Week and Building. An editor with over 12 years’ experience, she went on to work as a content editor at APL Media – the publisher of National Geographic Traveller and leading travel trade publications for the US and UK markets. Sonia is responsible for the management and development of all content creation and distribution through Rapaport’s print and digital channels. She also plays a key role in managing product development and directing the rollout of the company’s digital media strategy.

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LVMH buys 1,758 carat diamond from Lucara

On 15 January 2020 (full press release here) it was announced that LVMH has acquired a 1,758 carat diamond from Lucara Diamond Company. Named Sewelô, the diamond is reportedly Botswana’s largest mined diamond.

French behemoth LVMH, more specifically Louis Vuitton bought the gargantuan diamond as yet another unexpected power move in the luxury sector. This is a strategic collaboration and indicative of the high(er) end of the fine jewellery market.

From Fenty to Tiffany. What could possibly be next for LVMH? Excited to keep eyes peeled …

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Netflix and Chilling with Diamonds

Last year, on 28 November 2019, Netflix released a documentary about diamonds, as part of Vox’s Explained series. A 23 minute summary of our (billion years to present day) industry.

With well known names and faces featuring in the show and voicing their expert opinion. Remember reading about Karen Smit (link) on The Carat Soup?

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When asked about the pressure under which diamonds form, Smit the GIA Research Scientist said: “If you think of 80 elephants standing on your big toe, that is the pressure that is equivalent to five to six gigapascals.” What a visual!

Other topics discussed include diamond formation, demand for diamonds, the current retail environment and of course the inevitable topic of lab grown diamonds.