THAT 552 carat yellow diamond from Canada

There was excitement aplenty, last Friday 14th December 2018. When Dominion Diamond Mines and Rio Tinto announced their recent (October 2018) discovery. A 552 carat yellow diamond measuring 33.74mm x 54.56mm at their mine in Canada.During the sorting process, the gargantuan rough diamond was found at Diavik Diamond Mine, over 130 miles away from the Arctic Circle. This unveiling is a record-breaker for the Northwest … Continue reading THAT 552 carat yellow diamond from Canada

#BringBackTheBrooch – yellow diamond ribbon brooch

On Wednesday 14th November in Geneva, Sotheby’s sold this brooch for CHF 2,115,000 (CHF 1 = approx USD$0.95-1.00). This was part of the white-glove sale (all lots sold). Bursting with edge-of-my-seat lots and tense ‘gavel down’ moments aplenty. The popularity of brooches throughout this auction season comes as no surprise, as there’s been a social media campaign for the passed few years. Calling for a … Continue reading #BringBackTheBrooch – yellow diamond ribbon brooch