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Lucapa unearthed (yet another) gargantuan diamond: 117 carat gem-quality

On 9 January 2020, it was reported, Angola miners Lucapa Diamond Company, discovered a 117 carat gem-quality diamond.

I was scanning Mining Review (link) when this popped up and I was marvelled. As this is the 14th discovery – of a 100+ carat gem-quality diamond- for the company.

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Netflix and Chilling with Diamonds

Last year, on 28 November 2019, Netflix released a documentary about diamonds, as part of Vox’s Explained series. A 23 minute summary of our (billion years to present day) industry.

With well known names and faces featuring in the show and voicing their expert opinion. Remember reading about Karen Smit (link) on The Carat Soup?

via Netflix

When asked about the pressure under which diamonds form, Smit the GIA Research Scientist said: β€œIf you think of 80 elephants standing on your big toe, that is the pressure that is equivalent to five to six gigapascals.” What a visual!

Other topics discussed include diamond formation, demand for diamonds, the current retail environment and of course the inevitable topic of lab grown diamonds.

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Graff buys 20.7ct FIREBIRD Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond from ALROSA

What do you get when you mix the King of Diamonds with the King of twentieth-century Russian classical musical? FIREBIRD.

Image via ALROSA

Key stats, 4 Cs:
Cut: Asscher with excellent polish and symmetry; colour: fancy vivid yellow; clarity: VS1 carat:20.7 carats; price: undisclosed.

In December 2019, it was confirmed that Graff Diamonds – British diamond and fine jewellery behemoth – bought a daring and delightful coloured diamond from Alrosa – Russian diamond mining company. The latter are responsible for 20%+ of diamonds on the international market.

The Alrosa CEO, Sergey Ivanov said:

We are delighted to see that such a beautiful exceptional diamond has found an equally exceptional owner. Without a doubt, it could be a heart for a magnificent exclusive jewelry piece. It is more than just a regular deal for ALROSA. This is the first direct purchase of Graff made without intermediaries, and we hope that it will be the beginning of a new phase of our work. We pleased to see the trust of major industry players, which, among other things, was made possible thanks to our efforts in the field of business transparency, diamond provenance guarantees and our high contribution to society.”