Every Monday The Carat Soup shines a spotlight on Hidden Gems: extraordinary women in our industry.  This week’s focus is on 
Ruth Mary Jewellery. Founded by jeweller Ruth Mary Chipperfield.

In their words:
“[the company…] began with an idea to unite hand-stitched lace with precious metal, creating luxury pieces of jewellery for forward-thinking woman. It’s founder Ruth Mary Chipperfield believes the best designs are created in three-dimensions, with the next generation in mind. So what better way is there than to expertly hand-stitch a design in silk thread, then give it a magical transformation into something even more beautiful in solid precious metal? Ruth Mary only works in precious metals, namely gold, silver and platinum.

See more on Ruth’s website here https://www.ruthmary.com or follow along on Instagram here @ruthmaryjewellery