Hong Kong – 28 May 2019. Christie’s sold a pink diamond, dubbed ‘bubble gum pink’ for its teeth-tingling likeness to the childhood fave. The rare, internally flawless lot by Moussaieff sold for a whopping USD$7.5million earlier this week in Hong Kong. The international auction house popped the stunning morsel on the auction block and fetched USD$2.2 million per carat.

In related news, if you follow me on Instagram @thecaratsoup you will notice 50 shades of #millennialpink . Actually, there are an array of pinks from #ThePinkGlove to gobstopper-looking sapphires and rubellites. I, like many other millennial with social media, cannot get enough of it. Read this for a general idea or this, to find out scientific reasons why we are infatuated with this shade of pink.