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Low key is the new high key. Millennial proposals in recent years, feature smaller diamond (set in) engagement rings than ever before.

It doesn’t take a genius nor scientific study from a fancy pants business school. A quick glance on your Insta-feed will tell you everything you need to know! Check out #ISaidYes and #SheSaidYes for assurance.

Gone are the days when over the top sports cars, a suit with tie and gaudy diamonds rule. Today the loudest message is a #sustainable repeated outfit (preferably monochromatic)  coupled with an electric car. Nothing quite says “look at me” like “don’t look at me.”
This is the 2019 way of saying it loudly, saying it proudly, yet saying it quietly: “I am filthy rich.” A true marker of modesty (and some may add, wealth).

Kate Buckleitner

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