Image: The natural diamond with a CVD overgrowth. (Robison McMurtry/GIA)

RAPAPORT News – The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has discovered a synthetic layer that improved the weight and color of a natural diamond, and has warned that the phenomenon may be happening more often. Rapaport reported yesterday.

This is alarming yet inevitable. Many industry insiders warned of this happening. Especially during the onslaught of confusing marketing messages. Released as the supply of synthetic diamonds flooded the market. A mere few days ago, my colleague posted to their Instagram Stories a (very well known and established) media outlet adding to the confusion. With muddled language and an unclear message. Which begs the question, ‘is this faux real’…? Yes. However it cannot go on like this.

If this is happening within our industry, more so the reason to ensure consumers are fully informed and educated. Equipped to understand what the difference is between natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds.

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