See Instagram for some videos and pics capturing this list, throughout my time at GemGevève 2019 !



Contemporary Designers.

Doris Hangartner AG.

Emerging talent.

Fine jewels.

GIA (from education to gem reports, an excellent resource).

Horowicz Fine Jewellery.

Innovation. There are 42% more exhibitors this year, as a result of innovation since the first edition of GEMGENÈVE last year.

Jewellery trends: Disruption and direction: our changing jewellery world, trends, themes and influences a talk by Vivienne Becker and Marie de Sigalony for GemTrendStudio.
Edit: Only Vivienne Becker gave the talk.

Kothari Trading (booth C8).

Labs (a vital part of our industry, providing testing, reports and state of the art equipment).

Microscopes. Going beyond the loupe and delving further into the gems, such fun!

Negotiation. With dealers also present, this is your chance to get the most reasonable (win-win) purchase.

Ouizelle et Lemoines (booth F1).

Pink diamonds.

Quality exhibitors.


Shirley Temple Blue Diamond

Talks (jewellery history, gemstones, designers and more).

United. The one and only trade show ran by us, for us and welcome to the public too.

Vivarium: The designer showcase curated by Vivienne Becker.

Whimsical jewels. Contrary to the misconception of an intimidating sales person coupled with formidable pieces, as this is a jewellery fair ran by the trade, it is a place with something for everyone.

Xigua a.k.a watermelon… in this case watermelon tourmaline.

Yaaaas: to this being a concrete event in my annual gem-calendar.

Zambian emeralds, feature in Emerald: Twenty-One centuries of Jewellery Opulence a talk by Joanna Hardy.

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