World’s Top 3 Biggest Diamonds (in recent years)

Last month Lucara Diamond Corp shared their latest discovery. A (yet to be named) 1758 carat rough diamond. Discovered in Karowe, the Canadian company’s mine in Botswana.
The mining giant are responsible for 2 of the 3 biggest diamonds unearthed in the world in the passed few years. All 3 are from Southern Africa – Botswana and Lesotho.

Lucara Diamond Corp

Top 3 in ascending order

3. Lesotho Legend, 910 carats, 2018 – currently owned by Samir Gems and Taché Diamonds
2. Lesedi La Rona, 1109 carats, 2015 – bought in 2017 and currently owned by Graff Diamonds
1. [Name Pending], 1758 carats, 2019 – Lucara Diamonds