“👑Royal jewelry moments💎On Tuesday the Queen donned two pieces of the largest gem-quality rough diamond ever discovered on the planet. The Queen arrived at a reception at Windsor Castle celebrating the centenary of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations wearing her usual pearls and an important brooch made using stones from the Cullinan Diamond. In 1905, in a South African mine, the 3,106-carat #CullinanDiamond was discovered by mistake during a routine mine inspection.

It was named the Cullinan after the owner of the mine Thomas Cullinan. The Diamond was sent to Europe and in 1908 Asscher & Co. of Amsterdam cut the diamond into 9 major stones, each given a number. Although part of the diamond was presented to King Edward VII, the other stones were kept by Asscher. In 1910 the remaining stones were purchased by the Government of South Africa and given to Queen Mary as a coronation gift. This is the Cullinan VI and VIII brooch which features the marquise-shaped Cullinan VI (11.5 carats) and the cushion-shaped Cullinan VIII (6.8 carats). The setting is a miniature version of the setting of the Cullinan V.In the video: 1)the Queen meets an 87-year-old who has volunteered for 10 years. Ron said it changed his life,especially after his wife’s death; 2)the Cullinan V brooch.”