I think I’ve been hiding under a rock, as I only recently discovered @francisdelara_finejewels

The brainchild of John-Paul Pietrus. With 20+ years of magnificent photography, that heavily features the who’s-who of the fashion world. Namely THE supermodels, in the classic 90s sense of the word. Campbell, Schiffer and Crawford.

The brand describe themselves and their work as “jewellery-eyewear [that] crosses the boundaries between fine jewellery and eyewear, incorporating precious metals, stones and wood.”

Here you can see one of the Works as modelled by the ever so darling @kitty_su.

I describe the brand as museum-worthy art and very much look forward to seeing and trying them on IRL. Before they enter the archives of the V&A Museum, which I believe is inevitable. #YouHeardItHearFirst

The main focus is on a Renaissance vibe. Pietrus told The New York Times: “I thought it would be cool to bring back a Florentine and Renaissance aesthetic.”

Handcrafted in Italy and incorporating ethically sourced coloured gemstones, such as Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds.

Prices start at GBP£30,000, which is certainly in line with the current contemporary art market. The target market is people with a penchant for art, jewels and culture.