@gemexplorer Yianni Melas often shares his jewellery journey, via Instagram. From life at the mines, to new gem discoveries and everything in between. He previously held roles at both GIA and Swarovski, leaders in their respective fields. 

Over the weekend, he posted this:

With the caption: 
“Natural Aquamarine before this particular location it’s heated blue. Some blue out of the ground but not this one.”

The comments section, as ever, was alive with admiration, those sharing their opinion and the usual “how much is this?”…”what’s the price?” etc. To which Melas said, “the gem business is only business where everyone talks nonsense about each step of profit.” He added an interesting analogy, “A cup of coffee costs 20-30 cents to make. Most coffee shops around world charge $4-5. A bottle of French champagne costs 60-$1000 a bottle. How much does 2 kg of French grapes cost? A croissant at a bakery costs $2-3. It’s flour cost is maybe 25 cents. A cutter sells a gem for $100 and has to sometimes wait 6 months for payment. If he gets paid. And that jewelry sells for $1500. Nobody talks about their rent, expensive employees etc. Everyone in every step should make money. 👍🏼”

Food for thought. If you don’t already, follow Yianni here.