There was excitement aplenty, last Friday 14th December 2018. When Dominion Diamond Mines and Rio Tinto announced their recent (October 2018) discovery. A 552 carat yellow diamond measuring 33.74mm x 54.56mm at their mine in Canada.
During the sorting process, the gargantuan rough diamond was found at Diavik Diamond Mine, over 130 miles away from the Arctic Circle.

This unveiling is a record-breaker for the Northwest Territories and North America as a region. In 2015 the Diavik Foxfire was the last record-breaker which was also from the same mine. Yet it is significantly smaller in comparison, at 187.7 carats.

In a statement to the public, the mining company said: “Abrasion markings on the stone’s surface attest to the difficult journey it underwent during recovery, and the fact that it remains intact is remarkable,” adding, “A diamond of this size is completely unexpected for this part of the world and marks a true milestone for diamond mining in North America.