The Carat Soup Edit is a multi-sensory experience of my week, published every Sunday, featuring moments from the previous week.

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If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should. Here’s a round-up of highlights from my week:

1. What I ate/drank:
A tongue tingling falafel dish served in a fluffy-fresh-from-the-oven pitta bread. There’s a very low-key, local’s hot spot, need-to-know style eatery in the heart of Geneva. The service is fast and the food is delicious. Don’t expect any of the fancy pants faffing one gets at the five star hotels, that’s not the objective here. This is a foodie haunt and a must when you visit Switzerland.

2. What I saw:
THAT pink diamond sold by Christie’s in Geneva. Yes it is gargantuan. Yes it is pink. Yes I gasped when my prediction was correct. It went for CHF 44,500,000 and more than the estimated USD$50,000,000 (including the buyer’s premium). Purchased by the ever so fabulous Harry Winston and renamed The Winston Pink Legacy. THIS Golden Fleece was pretty high up on my list of priorities this week. It fetched a cool CHF 1,400,000. The most super yet strangest thing happened; I was spellbound by the ridiculously huge and magnetising Bulgari necklace – completely besotted.

3. How I felt:
Over the moon! Part of the week was quality time with my jewellery chum. She’s studying gemology and we have a shared fondness for mountains, jewellery, profound discussions and the more frivolous aspects of life, such as nail polish!
In addition, I was introduced to some more awesome #WomenInJewellery and met with old faces (and new). No jewellery moment would be complete without kismet/destiny/fate. Grab a cup of tea, and I’ll elaborate…
A woman who is head of an international gem laboratory reached out to me on Instagram. We weren’t able to connect as this week’s schedule was unusually packed. To cut a long story short, out of the hundreds of people present at one of the auctions, we ended up (accidentally) sitting next to each other.

4. What I smelt:
Freshly brewed coffee at Chou. They do amazing coffee, mouth watering orange juice – squeezed fresh, daily. Yet having already had 2 coffees that morning, I opted for Chai Tea. Which is always reminiscent of my time in East Africa. As that’s where I had a Chai 101 lesson and often make it from scratch.

5. What I listened to:
Jessica Wyndham on the rostrum was such a delight! She’s sincerely an inspiration.
With auction-season in full swing and after hearing from individuals keen to get into the auction world, it made sense to send them this. Which explains the inner workings of an auction house. As well as answers questions such as: how to get into and how to work at an auction house? How to buy at auction? How to sell at auction?
I was also in the room when Marie-Antoinette’s jewels were sold in a record breaking white glove sale. Watch the footage here (re-watching it gave me goose pimples all over again).

Wishing you a lovely new week ahead!

M x