Have you been to an auction and/or auction viewing before? A friend of mine hasn’t, so we agreed to go together as they asked me to show them the ropes…diamond encrusted ropes. As well as tiaras, pendants, potentially CHF50 million rare coloured diamonds, you know the usual. Guffaw.

My friend asked me lots of questions. I realised there’s no ‘set guide’ to answer said questions. As often times, I’m a woman on a mission. So know exactly where I’m supposed to be, who I’m supposed to meet and what I’m supposed to wear when I head to the auctions. This time, it’s different. Historic sales have a way of attracting collectors and jewellery fans alike.

Thoroughly enjoy giving talks, guiding museum trips (mainly for the specimens) and of course discussing Art Deco jewellery. It was fun to add elements of this to ‘The Carat Soup Auction 101 Experience’. This taught me plenty as well as teaching my friend too.

It made me re-consider the YouTube Channel… Hmm, perhaps in 2019, I’ll see.