The Carat Soup Edit is a multi-sensory experience of my week, published every Sunday, featuring moments from the previous week.

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If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should. Here’s a round-up of highlights from my week:

1. What I ate/drank:
The folk over @phillipswatches were gracious enough to offer plant based options, during the preview #GWA8 which meant  I could enjoy a latte whilst enjoying oodles of spectacular vintage watches.

2. What I saw:
An Art Deco 1920’s Cartier clock pendant. Of the hundreds of lots I saw this week, this one stood out. Comeeee on. Unless you’re new around here (if so, welcome…bienvenue…) I cannot resist the beauty and elegance of 1920’s jewellery. The fact that it was made by Cartier is an added bonus.

3. How I felt:
Adrenaline rush 75% of the week. Auction-season-mood is difficult to articulate. It has to be felt to be understood!

4. What I smelt:
Trees, specifically fallen leaves. Having a superb time soaking up the tail end of autumn, with rich palettes sponsored by Mother Nature. Conkers have fallen, the crisp air is getting cooler and we’ll soon be in boots until February.

5. What I listened to:
Two fascinating women both working in the gemstone world, yet with completely different roles so it’s fab to hear their take on the questions. Listen here, to an interview with Karen (Lab Scientist, GIA) and Farah (Director, Farah and Bow).

Wishing you a lovely new week ahead!

M x