Change cometh in the luxury industry. Well actually, it’s already here. In June 2018 Chanel published their sustainability report. A first for this household name in the luxury world. Ethical is the new black…

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Chopard confirmed in July 2018, they source (thus supply and make all jewellery/timepieces) using 100% ethically mined gold.

How are 100+ year old companies keeping up with the latest trend of sustainability? By being more transparent. By actually caring. By putting as much emphasis on ethical practices as they do with their fastidious approach to craftsmanship, marketing and sales.
This is a trend that is not a trend, instead it’s a dramatic paradigm shift that is here to stay. It’s a matter of adapt or get left behind.

From disruptive technology (diamonds and blockchain), to climate change and sourcing raw minerals (flash floods and extreme drought directly impact mining activity and yield). Looking at ethical and sustainable luxury from a jewellery/mining lens is incredibly fascinating.