Sian Evans CoppersmithEvery Monday The Carat Soup shines a spotlight on hidden gems: extraordinary women in our industry. This week my focus is on Sian Evans, Coppersmith.

You’ve heard of a Goldsmith and of course a Silversmith. Not forgetting a Blacksmith! What about a Coppersmith? The San Miguel Rich List Magazine describe coppermsithng as a niche art. According to the dictionary definition: smithing is to “treat (metal) by heating, hammering, and forging it.”

Sian started her career studying silvesmithing and jewellery. Yet her love for coppersmithing is thanks to a 6-week placement which later led to her setting up her own studio.

Evans, 50, is now based in Sussex (south east England).

She said: “In a lot of ways, modern life doesn’t have a conclusion. It’s never-ending scrolling through social media, and there’s always another email. I think that’s why I like the process of starting with a piece of metal, and ending with a  piece of jewellery. You do get a sense of punctuation. There’s a beginning, middle and end, and that’s very therapeutic.”

You can find out more about Sian and her craft on her website here.