Every Monday The Carat Soup shines a spotlight on hidden gems: extraordinary women in our industry – gemstones, jewellery, mining and luxury. This week my focus is on Njideka Akunyili Crosby.

Njideka2-220x175She’s a contemporary conceptual artist whose paintings went from USD$3000 to a record breaking USD$3,000,000 at auction. I have several of her works – digitally, oh how I look forward to owning one IRL – saved in the screenshots album on my phone. They make for familiar and fun reminders of everyday life.

The global press shone a spotlight on Njideka’s story last Friday as a result of the recent sales. I simply had to feature her on Hidden Gems as soon as news broke via a message I received on What’s App. As well as subsequent posts on social media.

As usual, the fickle press along with the equally fickle art world are both debating how long her success will last. I say, how about we celebrate her success whilst it’s here, rather than worrying about its longevity. Just a thought…

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