On a balmy-for-September weekday afternoon, I went along to Chiswick Auctions in South Kensington. As they were hosting an event, ahead of their week of luxury sales (17-19 September 2018). I was cordially invited by Sarah, Head of Jewellery at the auction house.

The Carat Soup at Chiswick Auctions Copyright c The Carat Soup 2018 all rights reserved

As well as Sarah’s team of jewellery specialists, I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow media and bloggers. Additionally her colleagues in Watches and Handbags respectively.

Look who (and what) else I saw too…

Copyright c The Carat Soup 2018



Goodie bag firmly in hand, ridiculous Cheshire cat smile plastered on my face and raring to go to see what these lots fetch at auction in a little over 10 days…

Upcoming #ChiswickLuxury Sales

Wine & Spirits
17 September 2018, 11h00

18 September 2018, 11h00

18 September 2018, 14h00

Designer Handbags & Fashion
19 September 2018, 13h00

To view catalogues and for additional details, click here.

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