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What a whirlwind 3 days! How is it day 3 already?!? I’m a tired yet happy soul, as I type this.

When strong women are surrounded by other strong women, magic happens. Et voila…!

I’ve interviewed (what feels like) a bajillion awesome women. Had catch ups with old industry chums and made new ones. Made new connections, re-connected with oldies and been reminded of why I remain in this industry to this day. Most importantly, I can gladly chapeau and toast to yet another memorable #ijl #ijl2018

gemstone vc
Remember when I was complaining about missing out on the other three sections of Beth West’s talk? Well guess what?… As luck has it, the powers that be at IJL have scheduled her talk again, so FOMO no more, guffaw.

*reminder*  The Gem A tutor’s talk was titled ‘The Gemmology 101: Essential Gem Knowledge to Increase Confidence and Boost Sales’ 

gemstone vc
Another day 3 highlight has to be seminars by Human Rights Watch. Titled as follows:
+ ‘Fair Luxury Presents: The Human Face of the Jewellery Supply Chain…
Session One
The Hidden Cost of Jewellery; Human Rights in the Supply Chain and How to Source Responsibly
Session Two
Successes, Challenges and Progress on Human Rights in the Artisinal Mining Sector
Session Three
Sourcing from Social Enterprises to Sustainably Support Disadvantaged Communities

gemstone vc

Finally topics that are usually shoved under the rug, being brought to light instead. It was enthralling to see what we often discuss at our dining table in private, be discussed so publicly at a global industry trade show, with a host of key players present.