Fei Liu Fine Jewellery is utterly divine. I don’t think you need me to tell you, because you already know that!

Day two at #ijl2018 started with the fun, fabulous and superbly talented Fei Liu. I’ve admired Fei Liu Fine Jewellery for the excellent craftsmanship and carefully selected gemstones for yonks. I was graciously introduced to the designer by Eloise of Atelier Eloise – also a GIA alum.

I wish every Monday started like this!

I’m really looking forward to the rest of what’s to come today. Including:

+ Happy Exits: Successful Exit Strategies for Jewellers
+ In Conversation. With Kiki McDonough and Katerina Perez
+ Identification of Synthetic Diamonds. With Dave Evans of De Beers Technologies UK

+ Understanding Coloured Diamonds. With Francesca Lawley, GIA
+ Changing times: Turmoil in the Watch Industry and the Opportunity of Pre-Owned
+ Birmingham: A City of 1000 Trades – Focus on Jewellery Careers. With Birmingham City University’s Sian Hindle as Chair and Sophie Lomax from 77 Diamonds, Naomi Newton-Sherlock Weston from Beamor/Domino Jewellery and Lili Capelle of the British Association of Jewellers
+ Likes, Sweat and Tears: Getting to Grips with Instagram. With Asha Pitt from Living Content