From 26-28 August 2018, 200 aspiring actors had to shake off their nerves and step up their A game. As they performed Shakespeare’s Pericles to a sold out Olivier Theatre audience.

Pericles - Graphic of a sailboat tossed upon waves made of the outline of hands

As part of a new scheme called Public Acts, the National Theatre welcomed all abilities, races, religions and genders to take to the stage and perform in a musical version of William Shakespeare’s awkwardly disturbing play. You know that gut twisting feeling you get when you first step on stage? Imagine that 200 times over. Yet each and every one of them outdid themselves in a cleverly put together (well done Director Emily Lim and Playwright Chris Bush) musical (superbly by Jim Fortune) in an iconic London venue.


Key details to note via The National Theatre website:


Body & Soul, The Bromley by Bow Centre, Coram, DABD, Faith and Belief Forum, Havering Asian Social Welfare Association (HASWA), Open Age, Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch, Thames Reach

Theatre Partner

Queen’s Theatre Hornchurch

Public Acts is inspired by Public Works, the Public Theater’s ground-breaking programme in New York.

Supported by Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Fund, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Hertz, The Sackler Trust and Garfield Weston Foundation.

For additional information, see www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/shows/pericles

NB: The Carat Soup saw this performance with gratis tickets