Hidden Gems: Aline Sylla-Walbaum

Every Monday The Carat Soup shines a spotlight on hidden gems: extraordinary women in our industry. This week my focus is on Aline Sylla-Walbaum.

Aline is the Global head of Luxury at Christie’s. Let me write that again, for those who missed it… the GLOBAL HEAD OF LUXURY (upper case nécessaire).

As her title suggests, this luxury maven knows everything there is to know at the crossroads of art and the art of living a fabulous and haute life!

Sylla-Walbaum previously worked in finance, the office of French Prime Minister Fillon and even at the Louvre. She now heads up a critical and ever expanding role, at one of the world’s best auction houses. Taking charge of fine works of art and jewellery too.

Go check out Aline’s Instagram account, you won’t regret it.