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Yesterday, Wednesday June 6, Sotheby’s (New Bond Street, London) held their fine jewel auction. In two parts, as it was an auction with 350+ lots. We – a fellow gem enthusiast et moi – went along to wave our paddles (within reason). As well as experience the inevitable hair raising bid moments. Oooh not forgetting my attempt to pick my jaw off of the floor. As some lots fetched WAY more (and sometimes less) than my own personal estimations.

33113489_1852020934837375_3363690546525634560_nZambian emerald ring

If you’re a regular here or on my Instagram (link) you know how I feel about Zambian emeralds! This splendid emerald and diamond ring was eye-wateringly splendid.


Elegant and understated tiara. One of my favourites I’ve tried on over the years :))


Mirror selfie… Sotheby’s New Bond Street, London
Stop…gavel time!
IMG_7217 The Carat Soup copyright (c) 2018
Sotheby’s Fine Jewels Auction, June 2016