By Maya MK

GIA Alumni London Chapter hosted us yesterday evening, Wednesday 30 May. Sarah Hue-Williams(jewellery historian, lecturer and previously at Christie’s) was in conversation with Eloise Mathieu  (Gemmologist and jewellery designer at Atelier Eloise)

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My family and friends don’t like watching films or going to the theatre with me. Why? I’m that person that’ll tug on your cardigan to ask “did you just see that?!?”, to which the response is often, ”yes Maya, we’re watching it together.”

I am also the person that audibly gasps and laughs hysterically. This was the case yesterday (the former). Whilst listening to Sarah describe the outcome of a stunning necklace with provenance linked to Marie-Antoinette  I simply could not believe that they’d … actually, wait.  I don’t want to ruin the story for you, so      you’ll have to get the book (available here)

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