Every Monday, The Carat Soup shines a spotlight on Hidden Gems: extraordinary women in our industry.

Today the focus is on Rosey Perkins  @roseyperkins

RP at WRS (c) The Carat Soup
Rosey Perkins at Women’s Radio Station London. Copyright (c) The Carat Soup

What you need to know about Rosey and her role:

Rosey is a field gemologist and film maker.

She travels extensively across the world, on many gem adventures. Previously, along with another field gemologist and GIA veteran which was well documented in a film they produced. Perkins is also a keen photographer. Additionally and most notably, Rosey took a solo trip to Madagascar. Hear more about it, via Hidden Gems with Maya on Women’s Radio Station.

Click here to head to Rosey’s website and blog to learn more. As well as here for her Youtube channel to see her films.

Rosey says:
“I like tracing gemstones back, unravelling their story and learning more about their origin, their journey through the global market hubs and into their settings. From start to finish, it’s a fascinating story and the people whose hands the gem is passed are often just as intriguing.”