Every Monday, The Carat Soup shines a spotlight on Hidden Gems: extraordinary women in our industry.

Today the focus is on Vivienne Becker  @vivenne.becker

Vivienne Becker
Vivienne Becker Copyright (c) VivienneBecker.com

What you need to know about Vivienne and her role:

  1.  Vivienne is an award winning jewellery writer and author
  2. As a teenager she previously worked for antique jewellery dealers, which acted as a springboard to her career in jewellery
  3. Vivienne is also a curator and I recently had the joy of seeing The Design Showcase at Gem Geneve, curated by Becker
  4. You can read more about Vivienne’s work here (FT How to Spend it) and here (Vivienne’s website)