By Maya MK

Gem Geneve is here… finally. A (much needed) breath of fresh air. Also a welcome addition to the otherwise samey-samey jewellery calendar we’ve been following for yonks.
From Thursday 10 – Sunday 13 May, 2018. Set against the backdrop of glittering Geneva. A city bursting with luxury yet with quiet confidence that often accompanies such a setting. In a city like Geneva, with its endless retailers, it begs the question, is there room for a tradeshow like this? After I attended, I can assure you it’s a yes from me >> insert talent show golden buzzer <<

Jewellers get the importance of industry fairs. So it totally makes sense to have a gem and jewellery show curated, orchestrated and executed by industry insiders.  Having discussed this with various friends in the trade we all concluded “why didn’t I think of this?”…

gemstone vc

As shown by have-to-be-there fairs throughout the year. Like Tucson (Arizona) and JCK (Vegas). Oooh not forgetting IJL (London). Then of course there’s Baselworld (Basel) – part of the ‘old guard’ with foot traffic dwindling dramatically.

One of my mentors always says “for mosquitoes to breed, they require stagnant water.” This quote has been applicable to so many aspects of my career path so far. I use and apply it as often as I can. If my industry focused on repeating the same thing over and over again, it’d be lacking dynamism.

At the show, I met with industry friends – old and new. From Zurich, Istanbul, Monaco, Paris, Shanghai and London. With varied roles: a geologist, gem lab, jewellery designer and retailer. We all come from different parts of the world and different parts of the supply chain, yet all agree we can’t wait for this international show to be a firm fixture for us.

Doris Hangartner & Maya MK The Carat Soup

I didn’t realise how much we needed it until it came, saw and conquered my heart. 

I first heard whispers of Gem Geneve via one of my associates. A journalist at an international newspaper and media house. I didn’t think much of it at the time, as I wasn’t in a position to go and figured I’d follow along on Instagram #FOMOisReal

gemstone vc

Fast forward to a couple of months before the debut. I was chatting to @ClemenceLovesDiamonds and @RachaelTaylorGram who both commented on this being a worthwhile experience. Whether going for everyday or only for the opening night and first day.

gemstone vc

Fast forward again to the day of the opening party and ribbon cutting. I had a catch up with @roydavidoff and he gave excellent recommendations of must-see exhibitors during the show.

(L-R) Co-Founders Thomas Faerber, Ronny Totah and Jasmine Vidal

I started the morning with my darling Brazilian friend who prepared a delectable breakfast of homemade tapioca (Paraiba style), houmous and olive oil. I then rushed off to the central train station to hop on the train to the airport – a speedy 6 minutes from the centre of Geneva.

I got a tad lost – stubbornly didn’t want to read the map – and couldn’t believe just how close it was to the airport (you can see the runway from Palexpo).

gemstone vc

After security and badge collection (of the-worlds-snazziest-badges) it was time for coffee and prep before the press conference. As soon as I got there I was warmly greeted and welcomed by @Jasmine_Vidal ‘s team. Already setting the tone for what’s to come for the next few days.

I’m thrilled that Gem Geneve is here and here to stay as one of the highlights of the international gem and jewellery trade show calendar.

Vivienne Becker & Maya MK

Thomas Faerber, Co-Founder of Gem Geneve

Amanda Trossi



Vegan lunch at the exquisite pop-up restaurant within the exhibition space





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