Inside the Gem Industry

Words by Christina Chi via @handbagdiaries

Gemstones is the meeting of history, art and science: in one industry – and to have that is phenomenal!

– Maya

This week I sit down with Maya MK who has a fancy job title as a Mineral Wealth Economist!

In a nutshell she advises on the purchase or sale of gemstones such as emeralds and amethysts for private clients. And if you need a mine? She is the one you need to be looking for.

On this weeks podcast episode we talk about:

– How she got her start in this industry?
– The importance of keeping design authenticity
– Sustainability and why there seems to be a lack of female participation in this industry.
She also shares advice for anyone that is interested in pursuing the gemstone world and talks about starting her jewelry line


Listen here (link).

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