The superb team at VCA are now offering an array of learning opportunities via L’école (The School of Jewelry Arts) – courses range from technical details, to legends, fashion and history.


Maximum participants: 12

Two courses which offer you a panoramic view of the up-to-date state of knowledge about the « Stone of Stones » : the diamond.
This class is conducted by a gemologist and an instructor.

Be initiated into the latest advances in chemistry, geology, physics…and follow the evolution of technologies which give us insight into why the diamond so invincible and so fascinating. You will discover the secrets of this gemstone: its chemical composition, totally improbable birth, unequalled hardness.
The mystery of its brilliance and its fire… You will handle stones, use gemologist’s tools, look at exclusive documents.

BOOK A COURSE here (link) available in both English, and French – select when booking.