The Design Museum (Kensington – London, UK)

When you think of Cartier, what springs to mind?
Is it the exquisite craftsmanship, elegant jewellery, the fine quality gemstones perhaps?…the list is endless!

On a balmy weekday afternoon – as it was the school holidays, the air was abuzz with laughter and chatter – we made our way to the western section of High Street Kensington, through the delightfully green space – Holland Park entrance, and into the wonderfully cool (both style and temperature) museum.


Just when we thought we knew all there is to know about this superb Maison, along comes a must-see exhibition curated by renowned architect, Sir Norman Foster.


The first eye catching moment is the stark contrast between the light/airy atrium versus the dark velvet ambiance of the exhibition space. Followed hastily by the enormous aircraft in the entryway, surrounded by vintage Cartier time pieces. Upon entering, we are invited on a journey through time, and more importantly definitive moments in history that shaped both the watch and aviation worlds respectively. As well as society at large: from royalty, to pop culture celebrities, those residing in New York City and New Delhi!


With lots too see and read, we’d recommend at least 45-60 minutes to truly soak up the experience. Unfortunately we had a technoligy related issue, this meant we didn’t have the opportunity to make the most of the interactive mobile phone app.

Suited to watch/jewellery and history buffs, as well as loyal Cartier fans who understand the importance of luxury (in the traditional sense), craftsmanship and time honoured traditions.


TRUMAN CAPOTE wearing a CARTIER timepiece.

Simultaneously engaging, thought provoking and with an excellent use of multi media platforms. Highly recommended!