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Late Ninteteenth Century: pins, brooches, and ‘new kid on the block’ Art Nouveau

With French style heavily influencing jewellery trends throughout Europe for much of the 19th century, this changed in 1870 with Napoleon III being deposed, and Queen Victoria still in mourning.

The end of the century, saw the rise and catapulting of Art Nouveau. The movement named after a shop in Paris called Maison de l’Art Nouveau, owned by Monsieur S.Bing.

There was at the time, also the rise of women’s participation in what were traditionally ‘male sporting activities’, this brought along with it bejewelled pins with sporting themes – from golf, horse riding, and lawn tennis.

Another welcome addition at the turn of the century, whose work is still much revered today, is Fabergé. This master craftsman set the benchmark, which forever changed the direction of European taste.

In our globalised world, the return to craftsmanship that happened over 100 years ago, is reflected today too. More bespoke and handmade pieces, as well as emphasis on knowledge of origin, playing a key role in consumer’s decision making.