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The Museum That Never Closes

Overjoyed by the prospect of escaping the frenetic not-quite-the-holiday-season-yet-still-wildly-busy streets of London.

On a biting Friday at sunset, as the sun slowly melted behind the trees in Holland Park, we (thankfully) didn’t meet the snaking queues – as per the opening, last month – instead, we were welcomed by warm and smiling staff members, an equally and suitably warm building, and the wonderfully inviting aroma of “the scent of new wood”. Excellent start.


We had an action plan prior to arrival, yet this rapidly changed, as we thoroughly enjoyed taking in our surroundings by simply being in the moment, and soaking up the atmosphere. Not forgetting the nuanced, nostalgic, at times nebulous, walk down memory lane through contemporary design. From fashion, graphic design, climate and environmental matters, ‘design your own_____’ section, there’s something for everybody.

Additionally, an exhibition (until 19th April 2017):

Fear and Love: Reactions to a Complex World presents eleven new installations by some of the most innovative and thought-provoking designers and architects working today.


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