As previously mentioned, we enjoy a gentle Saturday stroll around the market at Duke of York Square sniffing, tasting, and buying our way through the eclectic mix of flavours, colours, and tastes… Followed by an even gentler stroll around the Saatchi Gallery, digesting and absorbing the works of art.

There’s something truly magical about witnessing and experiencing a once in a life time moment, or perhaps the idea of getting a glimpse into the secret life of certain individuals – more so with those who add value, and create unimaginable Works.

Enter Henri Barande.

The elusive and somewhat evasive artist who initially (and for more than five decades) did not wish to exhibit, and once he had started exhibiting, does not return to the same location more than once. Another fascinating quirk is that he has not, and emphatically states he will not ever sell any of his pieces. This presents another emotional layer to his exhibition, as it strays away from the norm in the art world.

Last month (04-30 October) was his first exhibition in the UK, comprised of 70 Works (a combination of canvases and sculptures), touching on the polar opposite yet linked concepts of life and death. Further drawing in and pushing away the audience. 
See additional details, and more from the curator David Galloway here.