“Meet me at the V&A!”
“Where about? It is an enormous museum…”

“The Jewellery Room, of course.”

An apt place to meet – an exceedingly visual, creative, and animated individual, with a true affinity towards jewellery and the history of art. We met shortly after 16h00, on a surprisingly crisp weekday, and spent the next hour getting lost in conversation, Ancient Greek jewels, Edwardian pieces, and not forgetting an emerald necklace gifted by Napoleon. With more than 3000 pieces on display, rich dark velvet backdrops, and a transparent staircase leading to another level of jewels – even though we’d both seen several of the pieces before, 1.5h did not suffice -it is reminiscent of a private jewellers; all that was missing was a gloved individual to help us try on the tiaras! 

After a wildly generous donation from Mr and Mrs Bollinger – back in 2008 – this extraordinary space was transformed into what it is today. We both remember fondly, coming here as part of our wonders around the South Ken museums, and staring in awe at the weird and wonderful. Chuckling away at rather mischievously rattling the cabinet, to ensure the diamonds delicately danced (this was decades before the revamp, thankfully).

As a firm fixture and permanently on display at the V&A, this is a must visit both as a visitor and resident in London.