It is absolutely wonderful to stroll around a gallery – taking in the art, ambiance, and debating (audibly and to oneself) what it is the artist is thinking/dreaming/living/seeing at the time the work is created.

The Start Foundation Stary Mwaba (c) Peder Bjorling
Stary Mwaba. Copyright (c) Peder Bjorling

We are still away on our field trip in Zambia, and were delighted to be invited to 37d gallery  on 26th May, for the opening night of Stary Mwaba‘s first solo exhibition (since being back in Lusaka, from his residency in Berlin). The Start Foundation via 37d gallery use proceeds to give access to art workshops for children and adolescents, simultaneously supporting Zambian artist’s work. The gallery is an exquisite space, with a delightfully Danish aesthetic.

The ambiance was electric – further enhanced by having the pleasure of meeting Stary (we met his brother too, also an artist), and the usual guessing game ensued – what inspired this piece? Why did he choose this medium and not any other? Would you say these are lilac or lavender undertones?
As well as the gallery being abuzz, helpful members of the team were on hand to answer all of our questions, further adding to the superb evening and giving us the chance to take in his distinctively beautiful works of art.

The exhibition is on for 2 weeks, and certainly worth venturing to.

37d gallery
Open Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, 09h00 – 17h00.
Alternatively contact Olivia the curator, to schedule a private viewing (see website for details).

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