Victoria & Albert Museum, London UK.
V&A Museum, London UK.

The summer holidays are well under way in Europe. We are taking advantage of the luxury of time, the luxury of space, and the luxury of choices/opportunities. The notion of luxury is usually centred on wealth/riches, however for many people it certainly goes beyond that…

What is Luxury? Copyright (c) The Carat Soup
What is Luxury?
Copyright (c) The Carat Soup

The Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK) attempts to answer this question, by dissecting the different aspects of luxury – the definition, cultural approaches, material, virtual, objects, human approach to luxury, to name a few.
We posted on our Instagram when the exhibition first started, and have since gone along a few times and absorbed even more with each visit. The V&A discusses the role of luxury today, and creates an open dialogue for the advantages and disadvantages, winners and losers, as well as the moral aspect of consuming material luxuries.
It finishes next month (22nd September); with a host of things to do in London in summer, this is definitely one to give you food for thought.