How to get a job in the jewellery industry? A simple question, with multiple answers.
Fresh from studies and/or an apprenticeship, enveloped in the excitement of starting a new career – navigating the job market is as varied as the inclusions in emeralds. Thankfully there are enough roles and paths suitable for most. For example:

1. Websites that post and regularly update new roles
2. A trade show, careers fair or gem/jewellery fair
3. Word of mouth (linked closely to #2)

The advantage of scouring the web for a role, is you can easily cater the search to match your skill-set/family commitments. From part-time or seasonal work, to specialist techniques. Also useful because it can seem somewhat intimidating to walk into a building, and demand a job!

A melting pot of seasoned jewellers, rising stars, antique dealers, and educational institutions, to name a few. Industry shows/career fairs are a fantastic source of instant information and guidance for the next step.

Before tweets/email and ‘networking events’ were the communication du jour, the age-old word of mouth was widely used to get a job and recommendations (such as the best Lapidaries in town). In this vertically integrated industry with an interlinked nature, it is worth staying in touch with those you meet, as they may have your next dream role waiting. Of course, you too can help, by suggesting the best go-to antique dealer for turn of the century engagement rings (if that is your know how).

Whether a budding jeweller or jewellery veteran, fundamentally it is always great to go out and speak to fellow gemologists and gem experts, for hints on new trends, new or out of the ordinary gem sources, and to speak “all things jewellery”. It may lead to a new role, if not it is still an excellent chance to gain a different perspective or insight.

Recommended reading:
1. GIA have a careers fair tomorrow (July 27th), in New York. If unable to make it, we can follow along online with #JewelryJobs

2. Search ‘benchpeg’ for industry news and a regularly updated (UK) job section.

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