There are special qualities and a commitment to excellence that contribute to the products, buying experience and dynamic, at the core of a truly exceptional family business.

This was true in 1839 and over 175 years later, true today.

PP. The Carat Soup

Whether entering an atelier to watch the masters at work, or admiring timepieces on velvet cases with gloved hands, Patek Philippe watches are inimitable works of art. Much like art, those who own (or rather the custodians of) the watches – whether adopting a life of simple pleasures, or bon vivant – have an authentic understanding of the craftsmanship, heritage and sheer brilliance integral to the brand.

Launched earlier in the week is 2000 square metres of excellence in horology. With 21 rooms and 400 exhibits, the Saatchi Gallery has been transformed into a watch gallery, showcasing the Patek Philippe Watch Grand Art Exhibition, celebrating the beauty, outstanding mechanisms and historical links in the smartest fashion.

PP vi. The Carat The Royal Room further emphasises the firm and constant support over generations, with watches on display owned by Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and their great-granddaughter Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

PP vii. The Carat

Loyalty extends to other royal families across the world, as well as a host of household names. This multi-generational family business has been acknowledged for its greatness for nearly two centuries, and is set to remain a firm favourite for generations to come.