Monday Musings #2: Estate jewellery

From the celebratory chime of champagne glasses in 19th century decadent ballrooms, to inquisitive land-sea-land voyages that required 30+ pieces of luggage; for jewellery enthusiasts, it is always intriguing to hear the tales surrounding the provenance of Estate jewellery.

Grays Antiques
Image (c) Gray’s Antiques

There is a certain appeal to heir looms, antique and period jewellery, in addition to wandering the markets of Paris and London’s Portobello, in search of stunning treasures. It would be superb to be able to acquire complete collections from Estate sales, albeit it is often the single hidden gems (pardon the pun) – such as a bracelet or brooch, as well as revival jewellery (including reproduction jewels) that catches the eye, and enters one’s own private collection. Oh how I yearn to spend hours at Gray’s Antiques for Gothic revival and Art Deco jewellery!
Very much looking forward to Sotheby’s ‘Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels’, next month (12th May). Most notably:

Estate of Mary Duchess of Roxburghe, Cartier 1930. (c) Sotheby's.
Estate of Mary Duchess of Roxburghe, Cartier 1930. (c) Sotheby’s.
From a Nobel Family, Petochi. (c) Sotheby's.
From a Noble Family, Petochi. (c) Sotheby’s.
Property of a Lady, Cartier. (c) Sotheby's.
Property of a Lady, Cartier. (c) Sotheby’s.