Gemstones: Sweet treat – Citrine

Where to begin with the beauty of quartz? Bubblegum blues, gobstopper greens, yummy – lemon sherbet drop – yellows…
β€œThe sun himself is weak when he first rises, and gathers strength and courage as the day gets on.”* Much like citrine. After heating, it intensifies to strong (and varied) shades of colour. When faceted to highlight its brilliance, and paired with diamonds to create a parure, it would be enough to make a Rococo socialite blush.

As natural-colour citrine is seldom found, as soon as it enters the market, it is hastily snapped up due to its appealing hue, durability, and affordability.
Determining the highest quality citrine is based on colour preference, eye-clean gemstones, and of course the final cut.

When life gives you citrine, make a suite.

*The Old Curiosity Shop, Charles Dickens