There are nowhere near enough superlatives to describe the sheer joy, and eye-bulging moments one experiences, when entering an atelier, bursting at the seams, with creativity, colour, and purpose-driven design. This, coupled with meeting the minds behind the concept, is spectacular…


On a balmy weekday afternoon, after much anticipation and battling with traffic in downtown Lusaka, upon entering an oasis in the heart of the city, we were enveloped by the enticing AC and warm welcome from Claire and Ross. The wonderful couple behind Jagoda (Jade, Gold, Diamonds) Gems, whose gem adventures cover five generations, and three continents – discover more here – spoke to us about the dynamicsimage of the market, mining, social responsibility, and traditional versus contemporary approach to the industry.

Following our discussion, within the first few minutes and in quick succession: audible gasps, smudging fingers against pristine glass displays, and contemplating where to begin.
Aquamarine elegantly sandwiched between diamonds, the perfect starting point, with a superb coupling of stones and cuts (the only “arduous” part was selecting the appropriate size!)


Made a beeline for the malachite and jade cuff links, wonderful gift idea.


After the atelier and fine jewellery retail space, we couldn’t resist a jaunt to the gift shop. A hidden gem festooned with trinkets, and gorgeous souvenirs, showcasing the beautiful and intricate designs of local artisans.

If you’re a fan of traditional family jewellers, with a modern twist, add this to your list of top five things to do in Lusaka.

Acknowledgement: Enormous and heartfelt thanks to Claire, Ross, and the Jagoda team, for inviting us behind the scenes. Your formula of professionalism, ethics and appreciation of gems and jewellery, is magnificent. We look forward to seeing you again, on our next exploration in Zambia!

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