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The Carat Soup started life on a napkin over supper during the autumn of 2014, with the first post published in January 2015.

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Hello there, I’m Maya. I’m a jewellery professional and journalist living in London.

I am a fan of Art Deco jewellery, Zambian emeralds, literary fiction and Darjeeling with almond milk. I’m also interested in marine conservation efforts and causes that support women in mining. You can see more on my Instagram, <<here>>.

The Carat Soup

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+ launched and ran a fashion blog (2008 – 2012)
+ epic internship and travelling (2012)
+ diploma @GIA (2013)
+ book publishing house: positions in Editorial & Legal (2013 – 2015)
+ world’s top 3 auction houses: role in jewellery department  (2015)
+ launched The Carat Soup (2015)
+ launched The Carat Soup Podcast (2018)

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After my first foray into journalism, later book publishing and studies at the Gemological Institute of America, The Carat Soup was a natural next step. I’ve since had the pleasure of having contributors from all walks of life. As well as attending various events around the world.

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I am guided by an uncompromising commitment to supporting women in mining, championing girls’ education and marine conservation.

Commonwealth Girls’ Education Fund x Maya @thecaratsoup (c)

I also really enjoy proudly showcasing the wonders of Zambia – an abundance of mineral wealth in a rainbow of coloured gemstones and minerals.

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Overall, I am thrilled to have a creative space for people like me. Who believe in the life-enhancing beauty of gemstones and jewellery, are curious about gem sources and enjoy the fusion of history, science and art.

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